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Get your goods delivered in 3 simple steps!

Sendr allows you to enter a pick-up address, input a delivery point with specific delivery instructions, and request a Sendr carrier, who’ll be operating a motorcycle.

  • Select "Sendr Now" or "Place Order"
  • Enter Collection Information
  • Enter Delivery Information
  • Make Payment if quote is acceptable to you
  • A Sendr transport is on the way to the pick-up point

Your Sendr transport will arrive at the drop-off location, having ensured that all your drop-off instructions are followed according to your exact specifications.

We Provide Corporate Logistics

The corporate logistics service is web based platform which allows for business to use Sendr as "inhouse" messenger service moving parcels to other businesses.

The product is aimed at companies that have routine logistics requirements, usually those fulfilled by a 'company driver'. Invoicing happens automatically through the same system and is itemised by order.

The key features and capabilities is the ability for corporates to open an account with Sendr which sees them being able to book a motorbike on demand. This feature also allows for the ability to track the driver in real time. Status notifications are available via our sms systems and we offer a dedicated call center that can schedule deliveries for your business.

We provide Route Optimization Solutions for Small Businesses & Corporates

Sendr's API has a route optimization solution which allows the client to vist more than one client on the same route hence the driver will get multiple addressed based on location.

  • Route optimization is offered to B-C clients who have large number of customers
  • Route optimization can help target more clients at a lower cost.
  • Route optimization for low populated areas
  • Route optimization for high populated areas

Route optimization is however a function of distance and density.The higher the density of clients in a geographical location that falls within the diameter of 30km, the cheaper the "call out" per client.

Coming soon is our brand new Sendr App, available on Google play store & App store.

A delivery solution for you and your business

At Sendr we have clear cut technology that can help your business with all your delivery needs. Our products include the Sendr App(re-developed), corporate api that allows online retailers to fulfil orders instantly via our Sendr express solution.


Whether you forgot your keys at home or are sending a surprise gift, we've got you covered.

Sendr Business solutions

Take the hassle out of business deliveries with one account and multiple deliveries.

Sendr Enterprise Solutions

We welcome qualifying enterprise partnership deals and are geared to handle corporate deliveries with a service that works for you

Integrations Available

Easily integrate your own custom-built system via our API thengrow your business through easy and flexible integration between systems


Sendr can be integrated with any e-commerce store and if you don't hvae one, we can build it for you.

Instant User Support

Our dedicated customer service support is always available to help you witth your needs

Our Business Clients

Who can use Sendr? If you have anything that you want to move from point A to point B, in a fast, safe and hassle-free manner, we are the people to do it for you. We serve and deliver to everybody with our wide range of products to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're not sure about anything, feel free to use our live chat (Bottom right) or send your enquiry to At Sendr we take pride in answering most of your questions in a timely manner, we are here to serve you!.

  • What is Sendr?

    Sendr is an on-demand courier/personal concierge company that operates a low-cost fleets of delivery bikes. This provides the consumer with a practical and cost-effective solution to run-around errands.

  • The service is available through our website at or through our email( Our Sendr App – available on both the Google Play store and Apple App store is currently under development.

  • Sendr has various products that are suitable for C-C, B-B and B-C customers. Retailers that have e-commerce platforms can use Sendr and our products include Sendr Express, Sendr business, Sendr app among other solutions that we can provide.

  • We do not charge for the distance to get to the collection address. You will be charged only for the distance from your original collection address to the delivery address or from the one delivery address to the next delivery address if there are multiple addresses.

  • The boxes on our motor bikes and scooters have a capacity of 15kg’s and the following dimensions 660mm x 515mm x 400mm, so if it fits in the delivery box and is within the weight parameter, we can deliver.


Whether you forgot your keys at home or are sending a surprise gift, we've got you covered. If you want to know more about our services or you have any query, drop us an email on otherwise fill out the form below.


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